Welcome letter from Dr. Satterfield

I’m Bryon Satterfield, a private practice dentist in The Woodlands for 30+ years.

The only services I do are the ones I know I do extremely well. I use the expertise of the best specialists for everything else. Call us and we will answer your questions, let you know what we can do- and what we cannot. If you would like to meet me personally to discuss specific concerns, I will be very happy to meet you to do that. I am an excellent listener.

The Mastership in The Academy of General Dentistry I earned in 1994 improved my clinical care, skill, and judgment immeasurably. I had to take specific, hands-on training in all seven different disciplines of Dentistry. I see things I would never have recognized without that advanced training. I have years of learning ever since, applying and expanding my knowledge. You benefit from that experience. Things work!

I look foremost for saving natural tooth structure and strength. I look for ways to improve esthetics, comfort, function and longevity of not only teeth, but of gum tissue and jaw joints as well. All support whole-body health. This means I prefer to work on one or just a few teeth at a time. I resist extreme make-overs, actually extremes in general. I prefer NOT reducing teeth for crowns when a more conserving restoration will accomplish YOUR goals. Conservative micro-dentistry has to be done very well to truly work and last. I can do that!

The other biggest influence on my professional ability was attending the L.D. Pankey Institute: a series of week-long training courses over a period of many years. The Pankey Institute centers on delivering true excellence in dentistry. There I learned first to treat every person as an individual. This sounds obvious and something every dentist would never get away from. Not so. I don’t have a plan I’d like to fit anyone into. I see myself as your consultant in helping you decide on your best option of dental treatments according to what is most important to you. We have to talk first and avoid rushing into any treatment- or no treatment when you are healthy. Then I never rush anything, ever.

Even though you pay me to do your dental work, every iota of my focus and energy feels like a gift I am making just for you and I want to get it to be the best, the best, the best!

I operate one single office.  I strive for excellence in every procedure I do.  The one office allows me to be focused on getting the dentistry I do for you to last and look really great.

It’s taken me years to get these thoughts on this website. I don’t like talking about myself. You simply can’t know the inside story on my dentistry otherwise – or how I am relating to you as a person. I can’t do this by myself. I have three really good people who make it possible: Cindy (Front Desk) and Michele (Assistant).

If this sounds like your cup of tea, call Cindy at 281-363-1571 and make an appointment to come in and see us for what you feel is important!  I promise to give you my best!

We all will!

Sincerely (and thank you for reading all this!),
Bryon Satterfield