In the Community

Dr. Satterfield was an early volunteer when the Community Clinic opened the doors in September 2000. The Clinic gives medical and dental treatment to those in need. It is open every weekday, with several full time salaried employees. Operations are made possible by a willing group of volunteers.

As Dental Director, Dr. Satterfield, with his wife Michele, designed and set up the dental treatment areas, ordering all supplies and equipment. They organized the dental operations and treated patients there every month, along with other volunteer dentists and assistants.

At the Dental School in Houston, Dr. Satterfield taught clinical skills to all levels, most often senior dental students.  He also taught in the graduate Advanced Education in General Dentistry Department for three years.  He was granted the Clinical Teaching Excellence Award in 2002 and was voted Favorite Part-time Faculty by the Class of 2005

In his office, Dr. Satterfield has treated several of the Lost Boys, who are refugees from Sudan. Churches and individuals have made it possible for several of them to live in our community. They are very deserving recipients of dental care.

Hundreds of Lost Boys wandered the African wilderness as orphaned children for two years until refugee efforts by the United States brought them to our country. All of them are literate, hard-working and appreciative of all help they have received. Despite the hardships, most Lost Boys are happy and positive. Now young men, Dr. Satterfield holds them in high regard and says, “It is an honor to contribute to such individuals.”

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